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How To Make a Doughnut

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My people out there,good day.How have we being. This is Jossy from Jossy Kitchen.
Today,we will be preparing doughurt,a snack eaten by most of us.

Flour - 200g
Sugar - 50g
Butter - 50g
Yeast - 5g
Salt - pinch
Warm Water / - 120ml
Egg - 1
Nutmeg -½tsp(teaspoon)
Groundnut oil - 1 bottle

- Sieve flour into a clean dry dry bowl,add salt and nutmeg,then mix.
- Rub in the butter
- Add suaga and yeast,then mix.
- Mix all together,then make a well at the center of the bowl,add d warm water/milk and egg,then mix together. * Add the water gradually and mix*

-Knead the dough on a floured board,then put back in the bowl,cover tightly and put in a warm place to prove.
- Leave to rest for about 50 minutes,then it must have doubled it's original size.
- Put the dough back on the floured board,then u knead again (a process called knock back).
- After d knock back process,cut the dough with scissors into small sizes (Note: not too small),then roll into balls.
- Arrange in a floured baking tray,cover to rest for about 20 minutes.
- Then fry in a deep vegetable oil
- Fry until golden brown
- Can be served with any soft drink of your choice.