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Ultimate Guide In Preparing Kilishi Delicacy

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how to make kilishi

Hello darling readers of JK  Today i will be guiding you  on How to prepare a mouth-watering and Popular delicacy called Kilishi.

Kilishi is a stunning Delicacy that started in Hausaland in northern part of Nigeria. It is a Suya dried structure. It is produced using cow, sheep or goat meat after the evacuation of bone. Each of the chose muscles is then dully cut into a sheet-like sizes of one meter or less for simple drying. The dried "sheets" of meat are then gathered and kept for the following procedure. A glue produced using peanuts called "Labu" is weakened with enough water, flavors, salt and grounded onions and maybe sweeteners what's more similar to nectar to include sweetness. The officially dried "sheets" of meat are then inmersed one by one into the "Labu" glue to coat it, whereafter it is left to dry for a considerable length of time before simmering on a wire network. Kilishi can be kept for quite a long time without much change to its taste.

Ingredients/ Malterials Needed

1.  Sharp knife /chopping board
2.  Plastic Bowl
3. Cabinents Drier
4. Wire- gauze drier
5.  Kilner drier
6. Meat  800g
7. Groundnut cake 300g
8. Pepper         10g
9. Magi cube  10g
10. Ginger      10g
11. Salt            5g
12.  Masoro     5g
13,  Kanafari    5g
14.  Water        440ml

Note: Ginger, Masoro, Kanafari and Pepper will make up the spice mixture

  • Remove Any fat from the fresh meat
  • Trim the meat to remove other extraneous  matter
  • Slice the meat with the aid of a well sharpen knife  to a thickness of about  0.17- 0.2cm
  • Sun dry the meat slices for about 1- 2 hours  to moisture content of about 40-50%. this is the first stage drying 
  • Prepare  the ingredients  and infuse the meat. Make sure the meat has absorbed sufficient ingredient mix.
  • Sun dry agai for about 1-2 hours to moisture  content  of 20-30%
  • Finish up the  drying by roasting in a kiln drier for about  5minutes  to final moisture content  of about 10-20%
Your favourite kilishi  is now ready and it can be served with soft drinks.

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