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These Great Tips Will Make You Cook Like a Pro

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The economy is going on a recession, unfortunately our stomachs is not on a reccession. How then do we cook great meal whilst on a budget?
The following tips would help you to create great dishes.

#1- Preparation
The first thing for you to do before any cooking is to prepare and plan ahead of time- write down what you will do by breaking the task into bits e.g slice vegetable
#2 Store things in the right place Your kitchen is not a shrine, keep things properly. E.g Keep spices in a cool place so they could retain their flavour and not become grasses when using them
#3 Brine or Marinate Meat and Fish To get the full flavour from your meat and fish, soak it inside highly salted water for almost an hour. But if you got no time you could consider using citrus instead.
#4 Read Recipe
 Try to travel without a map or guide and you'll end up in Sambissa forest, that's also what you get when cooking without a recipe
#5 Use sharp knives
 If you have never been frustrated with a blunt knife before don't try to experience it cos the story won't be funny
#6 Timing
 It's the order at which you put the neccessary ingredients that determine how delicious the food would be. For example it is wrong to add vegetable before meat when cooking.
#7 Trust your guts
You will never be a great cook when you follow the cookbok like the Bible. Improvise different styles and timing so as to get better.
#8 There is time for everything
One way to ruin your cooking journey is to try a new style of cooking when you are cooking for others. Cook what you know so you don't end up presenting sacrifice to the guest.
Season Throughout when cooking
Apart from baking or steaming you have a great chance of adding seasoning to the cooking. This works as it helps you to taste the food and know what direction the cooking is going.

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