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Ultimate Guide In Preparing Sponge Cake

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This is a lovely cake that is light and moist in texture.It can be baked plain,colored or flavoured by simply adding a few extra ingredients like cocoa powder to turn it into a chocolate cake or vanilla extract to turn it into a vanilla sponge cake

Fat (Butter/Margarine) 250g
Sugar 250g
Flour 250g
Eggs 4 large(5 medium)
Baking powder
 1teaspoon Flavor
 1 tablespoon Salt Pinch

- Pre heat oven - Grease baking pan with fat and set aside
- Sieve flour in a clean dry bowl
- Put measured sugar and fat in a mixing bowl,mix together with a wooden spoon,until mixture is light and fluffy
- Break and whisk eggs in another bowl. Whisk eggs till foamy
 - Pour d egg into d creamed mixture and mix gradually - Gradually add the sieved flour while mixing to maintain a fluffy texture
- Add flavoring - Add coloring ( optional)
 - Add baking powder
- Then you gradually fold the batter gently,still using your wooden spoon
- Pour the mixture into the grassed baking pan.Make sure batter spreads out evenly in the pan
 - Place into the pre heated oven and cover the oven immediately. Leave to bake.
 *Please for the first thirty(30) minutes do not open the oven to avoid the cake sinking at the middle and also do not temper the heat of the oven for thesame 30 minutes.
 - The cake should be ready in about 45 minutes(This depends on the size you of cake you are baking and the hotness of the oven)
- Insert a knife at the center of the baked cake,if the knife come out clean with no batter on it,then the cake is ready
- Remove from oven,leave to cool for about 10 minutes before removing the cake from the baking pan. - Turn it out onto a cake board and allow to cool
 * You can also use a cake mixer for creaming the cake* * You can also use a pot,by adding sand and allowing it yo be hot just like the oven yo bake also*