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Making Puff-Puff(ultimate guide)

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Today from Jossy's kitchen,we re going to be looking at a common Nigeria snack

Puff puff is a favourote Nigerian snack
It's a spongy,fluffy and simple delicious snack eaten by most of us

Flour - 500g
Sugar - 100g
Yeast - 2 level tsp (teaspoon)
Nutmeg - ½ tsp (teaspoon)
Grinded pepper (Optional)
Lukewarm water - 300ml

1.) To determine the effectiveness of the yeast used,get a dry cup or a dry bowl,pour in the sugar,then add the yeast,and finally add the lukewarm water.Then cover for about two
(2) minutes. If u see bubbles,you know the yeast is effective and it will give you a perfect result.
You don't leave your yeast in the lukewarm water for too long,because the yeast will act on the sugar completely,making your puff puff to loss taste

2.) Sieve flour into a dry bowl,add the grated but meg and dry pepper (optional) and mix together
3.) Then make a well at the center of the bowl containing your mixed dry ingredients gradually add the lukewarm water containing the yeast and sugar,then mix.
It us usually mixed with hand,but u can also mix with a flat wooden spoon

4.) Mix for about 5 - 8 minutes or until there re no lumps in it and the batter is smooth. It should be watery,but not too watery please

5.) Cover the bowl ( air tight) with a clean dry cloth or alumininum foil and kept in a warm place for about 45 - 50 minutes for it to prove (rise)
* To know of the batter is ready for frying at a glance,you will notice some air bubbles on it,also the batter must have doubled in size and lastly the batter will be a little thicker and stretchy

6.) Get a pot,put in the oil,heat it up ( Deep frying).
When the oil is hot enough,scoop batter into ur palm and drop into the oil by pressing the batter between your thumb and your fore finger

7.) Fry until it turns golden brown
8.) Our popular snack(puff puff) is ready.
* It can be served with any cold soft drink or juice

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