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The Making Of Banga Rice

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Today,we re going to cook something special from Delta state BANGA RICE
- Palm fruit (Banga)
 - Pepper(Fresh or dry)
 - Onions
 - Crayfish
 - Dry fish
 - Seasoning(Maggi,salt)
 - Meat(optional) You can use meat,fish (fresh,dry),it's a matter of choice.

- Wash palm nuts, and place in a pot with water to boil

 - After 30 minutes it should be thoroughly cooked, so drain the water,place the banga in a bowl/pot/mortar and pound gently to extract the juice OR knead with your hands.

 - When the skin is peeled from the nuts, add warm water and sieve out the juice.

 - Repeat the process 2 more times to ensure you extract all the juice completely

 - Wash the rice,with either hot or cold water.

 - Blend the pepper,crayfish and onions onions roughly(that is,it should not be smooth)
-Boil the banga extract for about 15 minutes,adding d blended pepper,onions, and crayfish.
 - Add dry fish also(If you re using meat,add d meat stock also).
- Also add seasoning cubes and salt.
- Make sure the banga extract is more than the rice.
 - Cover and allow to cook for about 45 minutes (till the rice is very very soft).

Our banga rice is ready