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Ultimate Guide In Preparing Egg Roll

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Flour 400g
Eggs 6
Butter 100g
Sugar 50g
Nutmeg 3 teaspoon
Baking powder ½ teaspoon
Salt a pinch
Yellow coloring(optional)
Diluted milk 100ml
Vegetable oil 1½ bottle (for frying)

- Measure out all the dry ingredients and put in a bowl
- Mix well,then rub in the butter
- Break one egg into the mixture
- Rub in the mixture and pour some of the yellow color solution and the diluted milk
Mix till you get buns mixture
Allow the mixture to rest for about 10-15 minutes
Boil the remaining eggs till hard boiled (10-20 minutes)
- Peel the eggs and allow to cool
Divide the dough among the eggs
- Cover the eggs with the dough,work on the roll till it is smooth
- Fry in a deep moderate hot oil under low heat for 15-20 minutes
- Serve warm