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The Making of Afang Soup

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Welcome to the Jossy kitchen ,today I will be guiding you on how to prepare afang soup,popularly eaten by the Efik people.
Before I continue,let's see some of the nutritional value obtained from eating this delicacy.
Water leaf which has a botanical name called (TALINUM TRIANGULARE) is scientifically classified as a weed,which is extremely abundant in rainy season.
It is rich in sources of vitamins,lipids and protein.If we also improve the habit of taking waterleaf,it will help to delay the onset of heart diseases and stroke.
Afang leaf which has a botanical name of (GNETUM ATICANUM) and in abundance in tropical areas like Nigeria, Congo, Gabon, Angola, Asia and South America. It's a good source of protein and strong in essential and non - essential amino - acids


Sliced water leaf
Pounded or Grinded Afang leave
Pounded or grinded pepper
Palm oil
Seasoning cubes
Onions(just to season the meat)
Kpomo (Diced and undiced)


- Wash,season and cook the meat in a pot
- When the meat is cooked and tender,add the stockfish,kpomo,pounded crayfish,cover to cook for about two minutes
- Add the palm oil,allow to cook for about two minutes,make sure there is little or no water left
- Now add your sliced water leaf,stir and cover to cook for two(2) minutes.
- Add ur grinded or pounded Afang leaf,stir and allow to cook for at least five (5) minutes ( The Afang leaf is a tough/strong leaf,so it takes time to soften).
- Taste for seasoning,if not enough,correct it by adding salt or Maggi,allow to simmer for about 2- 3 minutes
- Remove from fire,our afang soup is ready.
- It can be served with pounded yam,fufu,semolina or any solid of ur choice

We use much quantity of palm oil to cook Afang soup,though it depends on the quantity you are preparing.

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